With a rather intense build up, the victors have now been named for another year

By Katie Garner

Gorgeous medal, complete with club colours blue and white on the ribbon

Gorgeous medal, complete with club colours blue and white on the ribbon

Let’s face it – as avid sportspeople, we appreciate the validity of a little friendly competition, a little teasing rivalry, a little muted one-upmanship. What better way to further encourage this than with our fantastic Wychelm Christmas Awards, with winners revealed in a ceremony held tableside, between main course and dessert at our Christmas meal.

This year was the first year that fellow members got to vote for each other, since last year was our initial surprise ceremony, which I sprung on unexpected diners. You dutifully filled out your nomination forms (I’m a brilliant nag) and I was so pleased by the excellent response and the wad of completed forms sitting on my desk. Being the incredibly nosy and curious person that I am, I thoroughly enjoyed rifling through the forms when it was time to make up the certificates, and I found it so interesting seeing the wide array of people who had been picked for each category. Truly, all of the areas had a diverse range of nominees which just proves what a greatly skilled club we are!

So, here are your 2012 winners…

  • The Sneaky Shots Award – Mike F
  • The Big Smasher Award – Stuart E
  • The Roadrunner Award – Matt O
  • The Nifty Net Player Award – Jess G
  • The Delicate Dropshot Award – Mike F
  • The Best Serve Award – Helen C
  • Best Newcomer Award – Mike T and Gary C
  • Best Committee Member – Katie G
Helen picking up her award

Helen picking up her award

A huge well done to our winners! Mike F did a fantastic job of not only being our first double winner in one year, but also remaining reigning champ over The Delicate Dropshot category. Jess also managed to come top as Nifty Net Player for the second year running. We also saw our very first draw this year, with popular newcomers Mike and Gary, who have really thrown themselves wholeheartedly into club life, which is what we all love to see! Also, on a personal note, thank you for voting me Best Committee Member – means the world that all the hard work and negotiating is worth it, and that you guys can get as much enjoyment as possible from your badminton club.

The Newcomers loving the warm welcome!

The Newcomers loving the warm welcome!

Next year will include a sprinkling of some new categories, so if you have any ideas, please leave a comment or email – I would love to hear your suggestions!

Jess had her eye on that medal as soon as she spotted it...

Jess had her eye on that medal as soon as she spotted it…