Katie Scott brings on a classic supper for the last club social

Wychelm’s monthly club socials have fast become an enjoyable added extra to the club scene, something that us members all look forward to, giving us an opportunity to mingle and chat away from the hustle and bustle of being court side or thrashing it out mid game. For our February social, I had decided on something simple and traditional – a classic Sunday roast dinner, held at Toby Carvery in The Brewery, Romford.

P1050161On Sunday 21st February at 7pm, there ended up being nine of us who all gathered together to enjoy this British favourite. As well as myself, my ladies double partner Kay was present and correct, also bringing along her lovely daughter and son in law, who have both visited the club in the past. Injured Noel also made an appearance as well as fussy eater Mike F, who was more than happy with the four bird roast selection offered at the hot buffet. Regular socialites Janet and David tucked themselves at the end of the table, alongside Nick, who was attempting to get over the disappointment of there not being any Guinness available.

P1050164Placed on a long table across the back of the restaurant, half of the seats were sofas, with dining chairs the other side. Although we were originally two separate tables, we soon pushed them together to make one larger seating arrangement, despite this proving rather challenging for those of us on the sofa side! Queuing up for our food, I was looking forward to getting stuck in – and before anyone asks, yes I did kingsize my portion just to get a second Yorkshire pudding and the sausage too. Choosing gammon and beef as my meats of choice, I also made sure to fill my plate with fluffy yet crispy roast potatoes, bundles of chunky stuffing, gooey cauliflower cheese, sautéed onions as well as a selection of boiled vegetables (ignoring peas of course, work of the devil peas). Soon we were all chowing down, mopping up gravy with an accomplished air.

P1050162No meal would be complete without dessert, so the majority of us also chose something sweet. Great minds clearly think alike as Kay and I opted for the same brownie fuelled sundae, while quite a few of the gang went for crumble instead. Nicola and David had matching After Eight sundaes while Janet went for the only vegan option of the chocolate and cherry tart. We even pushed the boat out and had coffees too – I went for a decadent floater coffee with a splash of Tia Maria. Such a luxurious finish to a meal I think!

Wrapping up between 9pm and 10pm, we all had a lovely time and a thoroughly enjoyable evening. You can’t beat good friends and good food! Thank you to everyone who came along and feel free to check out the photos on our Facebook group if you are a member!

Next social:

The March social is my annual badders birthday party, this year a meal at Pizza Express, also at The Brewery in Romford on Thursday 31st March. Please sign up via the notice board if you wish to attend or speak to me directly.