It’s not everyday you earn yourself one of the coveted Wychelm awards – wear with pride!

By Katie Garner

l-r: Nick and Frank with their medals

l-r: Nick and Frank with their medals

It’s become a very special Wychelm tradition, that at every Christmas shindig, I host the very exclusive Wychelm Christmas Awards. In the run up to the big night, I leave out anonymous nomination forms, detailing all the categories of awards. The rules are simple – nominate a member who is coming to the Christmas do for each category, without voting for yourself obviously. The winners of each award will be revealed between main course and dessert, during my annual ‘Merry Christmas’ speech. And let’s face it, everyone secretly (and not so secretly) wants one of the shiny shuttlecock medals, hanging attractively on their white and blue ribbons, paired with the glossy certificate with your name stamped upon it.

With a massive 12 awards dished out at last weeks party, including some new categories, it was great to see so many people involved, so thanks to everyone who voted!

Here are your 2014 winners:

  • The Sneaky Shot Award: Mike Fleming
  • The Big Smasher Award: Hetal Patel
  • The Roadrunner Award: Steve Holloway
  • The Delicate Dropshot Award: Frank Gold
  • The Nifty Net Player Award: Katie Garner
  • The Best Serve Award: Joel Vitalis
  • The Best Newcomer Award: Dougie Smith
  • The Best Committee Member Award: Nick Lyne
  • The Best Signature Shot Award: David Welch and his Power Smash
  • The Best Dressed Player Award: Kay Ellis
  • The Partner Power Award: Gary Curtis
  • The Captain’s Squadster Star Award, selected by Club Captain: Janet Lewis

Congrats to all of the winners on the night! Now let’s see your medal selfies on our Facebook page – think I’m the only one who has done it so far!