We all love a badders get together, and this social was no different!

By Katie Garner

Katie and Diane (l-r) both opting to be beautiful in blue!

Over the past couple of years, the social life of Wychelm BC has had some serious energy injected into it, and the massive boom in events and activities has only cemented the great friendships formed on court, and transferred it to pubs and restaurants across Romford. The most recent of these goings on was our spring social on Thursday 26th April, for casual Pub Grub and Drinks, in the local Wetherspoons, World’s Inn, along Romford’s South Street.

Matt decided he didn’t fancy anything that was actually on the menu…

Although not as many people turned up as usual, it was still a fun night, with Diane, Matt, Het, Frank Jess and myself there to enjoy the food and drink! Matt also brought along his friend Joe, and Helen also popped her very lovely head in briefly before heading off dedicatedly to play even more badminton!

Diane and I turned up first, swiftly followed by Jess, and while Diane mainly stuck to soft drinks as she was driving, Jess and I indulged in a few gin and bitter lemons for a change! We managed to hog a table for when the others turned up and then those of us who eating ordered. I sampled a new recipe on the menu of chicken and pepper skewers, with fresh green salad and a peri peri sauce that had a good background kick to it. Of course I undid the healthiness of this meal by ordering a bowl of chips, which I insisted Jess share, although she was more than happy with her bowl of Spaghetti Carbonara, complete with garlic bread ciabatta. Diane went for classic chicken with bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce, which looked equally tasty, while Frank made the most of curry night by spicing things up with a Vindaloo. The others had all eaten, so bypassed the grub and just got stuck into beers and booze!

Helen made a brief appearance, so I made sure I caught the moment, also including Dr Jess!

Of course, for us ladies, no meal would be complete without something satisfying our sweet tooth! Some of you may have seen the competition I posted on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3789790381145&set=o.175769632508590&type=1&theater) asking which of us ate the strawberry sundae. I can’t believe no one had a guess so none of you win the prize I’m afraid but the right answer was Diane! I naturally went for the chocolate fudge cake, while Jess opted for the waffles with a fruity compote.

We stayed until about 11.30pm, before we began drifting off our separate ways, but it was a really fun night. We got to hear all the news about Het’s gorgeous new daughter, so congrats again Het to you and your family on your brand new bundle of joy! All the pictures are on Facebook for your enjoyment as well: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.291799860905566&type=1.

Proud dad Het, with Frank

Just want to say to all of those who didn’t make it, next time really try to make the effort to come, as these nights out are for your benefit too, and they really are a laugh! I always enjoy them so much, and you get to gossip and talk so much more than on club night!

I’ll keep you all posted on the next event!