If Wychelm are anything, it’s steadfast in the face of the opposition…even if it does only happen to be rain

By Katie Scott

After the completely hectic past few months where I was fully engaged in planning and engineering my wedding, I’ve finally been able to put aside the time to resume Wychelm’s all important social calendar, our set summer schedule kicking off with our annual June picnic. I seem to have the knack of choosing the only decidedly dodgy day in June, so despite planning on scenically spreading blankets across the dry greenery of Hylands Park in Romford, we were instead huddled under a protective willow tree while the rain lashed down in a persistent downpour. Luckily for us, ladies pairs champion Kay, who lived nearby, offered her home as a dryer venue, so we all hit our cars to instead opt for an indoor picnic. P1040550

Greeted by her energetic dogs Tilly and Bella, us hardcore picnicers gathered around Kay’s dining table. I instantly popped open by neatly stacked boxes, producing crudites, hummus, dip, bruschetta bites, strawberries and homemade meringues. Jess, who has brought along partner and intermittent badders player Andrew, laid out her spread of cheese or ham salad rolls along with chinking bottles of Buck’s Fizz, as Kay unpeeled the plastic off her supply of sausage rolls. Nick arrived bearing a mixture of crisps and incredibly moreish peanuts, whilst Joel with girlfriend Rhianna opted to share pork pies and cocktail sausages. Janet and David dished up still warm cheesy pizza and Indian nibbles, with Helen providing dessert in the form of yummy homemade chocolate cupcakes. Piling our stockpile of goodies along the centre of the table, we soon had a feast before us, ideal for our 1pm lunch.

Snacking and chatting away the time soon flew past, and we began dividing and packaging the few remaining foodstuffs around 4pm as people started to drift off for their evening plans. Portion sizes were perfect, with most of the food disappearing in a single sitting, grazers happily tackling anything left open and nearby. As always, the company was first rate as we discovered that my arm makes the perfect dog headrest, David takes tug of war very seriously and that Nick is absolutely rocking his weight loss plan.

Thanks to everyone who attended today! It was great fun and brilliant to catch up with people off court. Our July social is our annual BBQ, so if you would like to attend, please make sure that you plonk your name on the sign on the club notice board, noting down what you will be bringing with you and giving your payment to me as soon as you can.