Making the most of any glimpse of sunshine, Wychelm gather around the home of Club Captain to enjoy meaty treats!

By Katie Garner

(From Left to Right:) Jess, Helen and Het chilling with some drinks

Saturday 28th July arrived, the clouds cleared and the sun shone through on the day that the Wychelm Club BBQ was being held. And we were ready for it, limbering up on the outskirts of the patio, tongs and camera at the ready. Things were completely in control –  the gazebo was upright, we had negotiated numerous patio tables, chairs and cushions and the meat was happily marinating. All very promising signs for a brill barbeque.

(From Left to Right): Katie and Alex making the most of the lingering sunshine

There was about eight of us all together gathered at the Garner residence, to enjoy all the food that was on offer. Het bought some absolutely delicious sweetcorn nibbles his mum had made, while Matt bought with him a tasty prawn rice dish. Diane bought a creamy handmade potato salad and coleslaw while Alex opted for carrot cake for afterwards. Helen went all out at Marks and Spencers buying probably everything from crisps and nuts to popcorn and cookies. Sam bought some of her own meaty bits when she turned up after work.

Our lovely ladies Diane and Jess (from left to right)

With the rain holding off and just a slight breeze, the weather was absolutely perfect as Club Captain Katie and partner in crime Jess’s mum Tina expertly flicked and shuffled chicken drumsticks, lamb skewers, burgers, sausages and mini steaks on the barbie to have with our feast of salad and nibbles arranged in an array on the vast patio table.

A simply brilliant picture of Matt (centre)

With the beer / wine / gin / cocktails / etc (delivered and professional poured by our dad Bill) flowing everyone was in good spirits (pun intended), with hardcore guests Helen and Matt staying until 2am! The evening started with salsa sauce, sunshine and sangria and ended being snuggled under blankets, covered in cookie crumbs. It was a really fantastic evening and we didn’t stop laughing once. It was so lovely having everyone come round to our house for a British BBQ banquet and I’m so pleased with all the positive feedback that we have received. Just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who attended, and if you didn’t come and are now jealous – better luck next time!

Can’t beat a Tinkerbell blanket! (From Left to Right:) Sam, Katie and Alex

If any club members fancy checking out the pictures, then take a look at our Facebook page. If you want any printed out to keep, then just let me know!

Thanks again guys!