The latest AGM revealed a bit of a shake up as committee posts were dished out…

By Katie Garner

Most clubs have their own sets of rules and regulations, all with the same aims of keeping things ticking over nicely and helping to make the general running of the club as smooth and as enjoyable as possible. With this in mind, there are a variety of committee posts that are allocated out to different members to take responsibility of, to do their bit for their club.

At Wychelm, we have a general rule that no committee member can hold their position for longer than three consecutive years, as this ensures a fair rotation amongst players, so that everyone has a shot at being on the committee at some point, and it’s not just the same people working unbelievably hard to make your Mondays enjoyable. It is a system that has worked well for all these years, and one that especially came into play during this year’s AGM, as all of the current serving committee members had reached their concluding and final third year meaning that a re-election was on the cards.

Treasurer: Nick

Nick on the left, with injured Het at our Easter club social

Nick on the left, with injured Het at our Easter club social

Retiring sneaky shot supremo Mike is taking a step back from club life so this left the job of treasurer wide open for new mathematical minds.  Taking care of the precious bank account, dealing with payments for hall hire, shuttles and membership fees is a hefty responsibility, so we were chuffed when relatively new member Nick eagerly decided to step up to the plate and take on the role. Nick has only been with the club approximately a few months so it is fantastic to see him getting so involved with club goings on, as not only has he thrown himself into the club committee, but he is now a regular on our social circuit too. Dealing with numbers in his day job means our financial straits have passed on into safe hands and we look forward to continuing organisation in this department.

Match Secretary: Frank

Frank in last year's novelty tie at our Christmas club social

Frank in last year’s novelty tie at our Christmas club social

The club committee wouldn’t be the club committee with the beloved and bearded face of our Frank once again grabbing the gauntlet on one of the roles – all of which I think he has held at some point in his Wychelm career. With all of his club experience and knowledge of league activity, it would be foolish to waste him on the side lines, so we were more than happy to see him shuffle from his previous post as secretary once again into the challenging waters of Match Secretary. Organising and attending to the league fixtures and squad throughout the year is no picnic, often throwing up numerous problems and issues as negotiating with other clubs over dates causes plenty of drama. However, in Frank’s safe set of hands, I’m sure we’ll navigate nicely throughout the next season.

Club Secretary: Stuart E

Stuart with his Movember offering last November

Stuart with his Movember offering last November

Our second brand new appointment for the upcoming season involves men’s squad player and regular short stuff smasher Stuart E, who is joining the committee after years at the club. As a primary school teacher, Stuart is more than adequately equipped to wade through the necessary paperwork and forms that our trusty secretary usually has to deal with, making sure that all club admin is done, dusted and completely up to date. It’s great to see Stuart volunteer for this post after so long playing at the club, and getting more and more involved in both the squads and socials, making him our popular cheeky chappie who now has to show his more serious side with a position of responsibility.

Club Captain: Katie

Katie enjoying a classic Cosmo at our Easter club social

Katie enjoying a classic Cosmo at our Easter club social

Bringing the girl power to the committee I am extremely pleased to be offered an extension to my captaincy for another year, neatly side stepping the three year rule. It’s brilliant to feel so much support from members who are enjoying all of the events and social media that has blossomed since I took up this post.  I am going to strive for a club social every month and to try and create a better mix of blog posts for you all, but on the whole, I will still be taking the decision making aspect of the job very seriously, especially when selecting the squads for next season.  As a member of the league committee as well, I am able to pass on all of the goings on as soon as possible which helps to keep us up to date and on top of all the latest news.

We’re here for Wychelmers…

If any members have any questions, queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate about turning to one of us for support or advice regarding any badminton related topics. As your club committee we aim to have everything ship shape and running like a well-oiled machine so that you members can get as much as possible from your club, to really love the badminton, the community and – dare I say it – love Mondays.