For all those who couldn’t make our ‘annual general meeting’ – here’s the good stuff

By Katie Garner

Your club!

Ok, let’s get down to business.  The AGM is a yearly meeting where the many members of Wychelm are meant to gather and discuss the running of the club, any issues or problems, as well as ideas for the future. It’s a chance to discover the nitty gritty, get the bigger picture and organise all that needs doing.

As it neared 8.15pm on Monday 23rd April, it was officially AGM time again, as blokes dragged the grubby wooden benches from their quiet resting places against the wall and put them in a rough square. Normally, the meeting is chaired by the Captain (moi) and the rest of the committee, which consists of Frank as Club Secretary, Mike S as Treasurer, and Troy as Match Secretary. Unfortunately Troy couldn’t make it, so I passed on as much info as I could about the matches this season (Mixed squad, let’s hear ya – WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE!!!! Ahem…).

We received some great feedback, and I think one of the main ideas that we have decided to follow through on is of getting a couple of tubes of feather shuttles to use on a couple of courts during club night, to gain valuable match practice for the various squads representing Wychelm. All of the other clubs use feathers, and being the only plastic club in town puts us at an unfair disadvantage that leads to us playing catch up, as Helen so correctly put it.  All of the players who actually play for the club really were behind this idea and even offered to fund it so it wouldn’t put other players out of pocket so this is definitely an idea to push forward to fruition.

Here was my Captain’s report from the night:

My Aims:

As Captain, I feel that part of my job role is to enhance the community spirit of the club and general enjoyment of all the current members. I have also been working hard to make our club accessible on many platforms, so that members can really join in on different levels and get the most from their club. Here is a quick overview:

  • Notice Board – I put signs on there for you to read, not so that they gather dust. It includes notices about club issues, dates, social events, as well as a current members list and other useful information.
  • Wychelm Badminton Club Blog ( – This is something I have really been working hard at over the past weeks. As a journalist, writing is my thing, so I’m sure you will find it an entertaining and informative read. I am writing loads of features about the club and badminton in general, including reviews, match analysis, club socials, player bios and so much more. Please check it out!
  • Wychelm BC Facebook page (  – Although many of you scorn at Facebook, it is a really useful tool for connecting, keeping in touch, posting match results and notices. I also post events so you know what is coming up, and also I upload all the photos form our nights out.
  • Social Events – The social events have grown from strength to strength, and I have been trying to plan something every season, with something in the spring, summer, autumn and Christmas. Our spring social is coming up on Thursday 26th April at Worlds Inn pub for pub grub and drinks.  They are always a brilliant night out, so those of you who never bother – do, because you’re missing out.

Our Squad:

  • Firstly – men’s team=shocking. Not score wise, but commitment.  The past two mens home games, all of the opposition arrived before even one of our team members – one week they even set up all the nets! It would be nice if a proper mens team could be organised, who will commit fully to home and away matches. The ratio of men to women is greatly in your favour guys, so no excuses.


Our organised and endearing treasurer Mike S was the only other committee member with a report, and here are his financial highlights for you:

“At the 1st September 2011 we had in the bank £1,984.79 , plus cash of £42.10, making a total of £2,026.89— this figure includes £220.00 profit from the 5 week summer period.

INCOME: we obtained £2,927.00 in annual fees, £72:00 in visitors fees and currently £89:00 in match fees, totalling £3,088.00.

OUTGOINGS: we paid out :

  • Hall fees, currently paid until 31st March 2012
  • Insurance premium £180:00
  • League registrations £23.00
  • Caretakers gift  £9:00
  • Shuttles £26:00
  • Drinks £9:86
  • Totalling £1,946.86

At 31st March 2012, we had in Bank £3,126.29 and cash of £41:74 totalling £3,168:03— this figure included the £220:00 summer term profit that is ring fenced for future summers.

At last year’s AGM, we agreed to the current year being charged at the initial £70/50, giving the committee the authority to review the January charge, with member numbers staying “high”, the committee agreed to reduce the additional charge from £30/20 to £20/10, meaning that we enjoy approx. 35 weeks badminton for £90/70 cost— bargain!!

Last year’s 5 weeks summer period, proved to be very beneficial. The remit was that the summer period needed to be financially viable, without involving the main club funds. To this end , we charged £5 per week, or £20 for the 5 weeks if paid in full on 1st week.

We attracted 20 plus numbers on each of the nights, securing £220 profit overall, and as a bonus were able to attract a number of these visitors to become full members in 2011/12 season. The committee agreed to “ring fence” the £220 profit for future summer seasons.

We currently have 36 members, of whom approx 5 are “inactive” due to long term illness or work commitments.

We currently pay £66 per week to hire the 4 courts, we mentioned that the 5th court is “free”, providing we move all the gym equipment at the start of the evening and return the equipment at end, without involving the caretaker. We asked that all members help at the end of the evening  to return the equipment , those attending the AGM were in agreement.

The school bursar, Chris, retired in December 2012, he has not yet been replaced, as a consequence the school have not issued any hall hiring invoices since last December. I have paid the school the hall fess up to 31st March 2012, based on my calculations, although the school have banked my cheque , they have not confirmed that they agree with my calcs.

After paying the outstanding hall fees to end of June, plus a couple of outstanding match fees, would anticipate having approx £2,200, including summer £220, to carry over to the new season. The meeting agreed to this year’s summer term being charged at £4:00 per night or £15: 00 if paid up front

Next year’s fees will again be £70/50 initially, the committee were again given the authority to review the amount to be charged in January 2013, in the light of, member numbers, hall charges, will new bursar looks to increase hall hire rates and if we do proceed and move match nights to another week night, the cost of hiring additional court time, for example, if we were able to hire 2 courts on a Thursday night at our present venue, 5 mens , 5 mixed and 4 ladies pairs matches  would cost £462:00, we would receive approx £120 in match fees leaving a shortfall of £335.”

If you have any questions, queries or ideas that you want to put forth, but didn’t want to speak out in the meeting, or if you weren’t there and you have ideas to share then please email one of the committee so that we can discuss it. Use our personal email addresses if you have them, or