Said to be racket of choice for Malaysian superstar Lee Chong Wei, we decided to check out the Voltric…

By Katie Garner

This brand new racket was launched by Central Sports at the 2011 All England Championships, to quite an acclaim and interest. Using the newly developed Nanoscience material, Nanopreme, helps players respond to by providing a handy combination of enhanced strength, repulsion and resilience.

If it’s power that you are looking for, then the incredibly thin racket shaft will help deliver this, as well as the TriVoltage System, which uses a heavy head weight to make the racket easier to manipulate.  The brilliantly named Voltric also claims a 5% increase in smashing power – always a bonus – as well as flexibility in the frame for movement and bend. The Control Support Cap provides an 88% wider flat surface compared to other rackets, which aims to encourage fast swing through and manoeuvrability.  It’s also lightweight at 85 – 89.9g.

Rather pricey at £190 – ouch – but all the technology involved must make it a winner. Also, Central Sport are currently offering a free professional restring upgrade, a re-grip upgrade and you can even have your name put on your racket! Groovy huh!

Let us know what rackets you prefer using!