For something completely professional, it has to be Yonex

By Katie Garner


If you are going to spend a whopping £159.99 on a badminton racket, then you want to make sure that it’s pretty darn good! Yonex has got to be the most prestigious of badminton brands, sponsoring most of our sporting events and producing gear of the highest quality…including this fruity red number that I found flouncing on the Decathlon website.

The Arc Saber 10 is ideal for an aggressive and attacking playing stance, as its main aims are to increase shot strength and accuracy. It manages this by using Yonex’s exclusive Cup-Stack Nanotube technology, which aims to create a blend of power and control. Positioned at the side of the frame, this unique technology absorbs and harnesses the energy from the shuttle’s impact, providing great feel for the shot. This energy is then transferred into the return shot, enhancing the power and placement. This lightweight racket is only 89g, with a neutral balance and a stiff shaft (no rude jokes please!). It also features the new built in T-joint system.

What are your tips for buying a new racket? Let’s hear them!