After the first official League Committee Meeting, it’s time to start organising the next exciting season of local club badminton…

By Katie Garner

Strangely enough, at the last Barking, Havering and District AGM, I made the bold step of filling one of the empty slots on the League’s committee. I attended the first meeting of the new season yesterday and it was great to see the divisions being built before my eyes. I thought it might be handy for the Wychelm members to have a list of your squad so you know who will be representing you in which teams. I will also be updating the ‘Your Team‘ category of the site, so make sure to check out all our player bios.

So here is a list of your squad for this season!

Mixed:                                                                                      Reserves

  • Katie Garner and Stuart Barrett                                  Stuart Easton
  • Jess Garner and Het Patel                                              Alex Cadman
  • Helen Collier and Mike Fleming

Mixed Captain: Katie Garner

Playing in: Mixed Division 1

Will be playing against: Ramgarhia / Harold Hill 1 / Redbridge 1 / Corinthians


Men’s:                                                                                                Reserves

  • Het Patel and Binu                                                                               Barry Blyth
  • Stuart Barrett and Al Master                                                          Steve Holloway
  • Luke Maxwell and Stuart Easton

Men’s Captain: Stuart Barrett

Playing in: Men’s Division 4

Will be playing against: Emerson Eagles 3 / Emerson Eagles 4 / Barking 3 / Shuttlers


Ladies Pairs:                                                                                            Reserves

  • Ladies Pair A: Katie Garner and Jess Garner                                        Alex Cadman

Playing in: Ladies Pairs Division 1                                                                        Sam Rizvi

Will be playing against: Corinthians A / Emerson Eagles A / Corinthians B / Hunters A


  • Ladies Pair B: Helen Collier and Liane Weller

Playing in: Ladies Pairs Division 2

Will be playing against: Corinthians C / Hunters B / Harold Hill / Emerson Eagles B


IMPORTANT NOTICE: This year matches will be played at Royal Liberty School, on Tuesday evenings between 8.00pm and 10.00pm 

Wish us luck and please support us where you can!