Missed out last year? Make sure you take part this year to win one of these bad boys…

By Katie Garner

At last year’s legendary Wychelm Christmas do, at the Liberty Bell pub in Romford, I decided to start a brand new club tradition – The Wychelm Christmas Awards. Sprung on attending members, I had a list of winners, shiny certificates and mini trophies and medals for the victors.

Since the unveiling was a complete surprise, I was the only person involved in the preparation, meaning I picked the winners based on their most redeeming shots and skills. This year, I want the whole club to get involved and stuck in, so I have lovingly produced nomination forms, so you guys can pick your club winners.

The categories are:

  • The Sneaky Shots Award
  • The Big Smasher Award
  • The Roadrunner Award
  • The Delicate Dropshot Award
  • The Nifty Net Player Award
  • The Best Server
  • The Best Newcomer
  • Best Committee Member

An important note guys – if you are not attending the Christmas meal on Tuesday 18th December, then you cannot win an award. Only those present will be in with a chance as it is a limited Christmas event. However, just because you can’t come, doesn’t mean that you can’t nominate who you would like to see win the prize – the more forms the merrier!

And who wants to see what you win…

Gorgeous medal, complete with club colours blue and white on the ribbon

Let’s face it, we all want one, so make sure you vote!