With the grand unveiling at this year’s Christmas do, here’s your list of winners…

By Katie Garner

They’re coveted. They’re acclaimed. They’re beautiful. Let’s face it, every single one of us would be telling a huge porkie pie if we said we didn’t want to win one of the annual Wychelm Christmas Awards.

The Wychelm Christmas Awards is a celebratory presentation that takes place at our annual Christmas party, held at Liberty Bell in Romford. The winners are decided by other members, who place their votes using anonymous nomination forms that list the various skill and character based categories. Now in their third year, the awards are officially out of their infancy and beginning to build up steam, as suggestions for new topics now pop up on a regular basis. The winners this year received the customary certificate, as well as a silver star shaped medal on a navy blue ribbon which they could wear with pride.

l-r: Katie, Helen, Mike F, Jess, Gary and Frank at the front

l-r: Katie, Helen, Mike F, Jess, Gary and Frank at the front

So, here is your definitive list of winners for this year:

  • The Sneaky Shots Award – Mike Fleming
  • The Big Smasher Award – Gary Curtis
  • The Roadrunner Award – Steve Holloway
  • The Delicate Dropshot Award – Jess Garner
  • The Nifty Net Player Award – Jess Garner
  • The Best Serve Award – Mike Fleming
  • The Best Newcomer Award – Nick Lyne
  • The Best Committee Member – Katie Garner
  • The Best Signature Shot Award – Frank Gold and his Disguised Dropshot
  • The Most Social Player – Helen Collier
  • The Walking Wounded Award – Troy Gunton
  • Squadster Star 2013 – Barry Blythe

It was a very close run thing in some sections of the draw but as always, it was a pleasure being completely nosy and rifling through all the forms! Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out a nomination form, and massive congratulations to all of our winners. You guys have shown off your skills to perfection and truly earned your awards so a big well done to all of you. The question now is…can you keep your title next year?