Anyone else getting sports-wear envy at the women’s Wimbledon fashion this year?

By Katie Garner

I wouldn’t call myself a hard core tennis fan, but I do enjoy settling on the sofa to watch the likes of Nadal and Federer when Wimbledon comes around every June and July. For those two weeks of the year I ignore the intermittent sunshine to focus my attentions purely on the tennis taking over the BBC channels.  And I love it. However, one thing I also love about Wimbledon, are the wonderful outfits the women smash and stride in.

Granted, I muse quite a lot over their ensembles. Firstly, whether I like the style or not – I’m all for a dress or skirt, but must have shorts underneath.  However, not shorts by themselves, I like a feminine style swish as I dash about the court. Then, it’s whether I like the dash of colour used on the all-white kit and whether it has been used to sufficiently enhance the look. Probably the thing I think about most (sorry men), is whether it would actually hold me in, make me feel secure and not like I was juggling as well as playing tennis, if you catch my drift… Normally the last thing I then think about is, yes I love it, can I buy it and would it be considered too OTT for Monday night? Normally, my conclusion here is yes.

However, if enough of us decide to adopt Wimbledon fashion, then maybe, just maybe, I can start a new badminton trend (let’s face it – I tried to get people wearing gloves like mine, and that never panned out. Long story). So, I thought I would present the women of Wychelm with a few options…

Maria Sharapova

The above Nike dress is being worn by past Wimbledon wonder, Russian Maria Sharapova. I love the streamline look of the dress, with extra support across the bust which is stylishly done, yet still looks practical. The hints of lime on the straps are classy and not too overpowering and although I love the general look of the dress, I’m not totally convinced about the tiny skirt section at the bottom. It’s still workable, but it does make you glad that badminton is an indoor sport – one gust of wind and all could be revealed! Overall though, I do love the look of the dress and I feel it would be a winner on club night.

Ana Ivanovic

This Adidas adiZero dress is being worn by former world number one, Serbian Ana Ivanovic this year at Wimbledon. Although I think this dress is ok, I can’t help but find it a little boring with a distinct lack of shape, especially compared to Sharapova’s stylish ensemble. Colour is fleetingly streaked in a single line across part of the front and side before finishing on the back. It’s a slim pink line and I don’t think there is quite enough of it personally. The spaghetti straps and straight shape also seem to be a little lacking, so although it doesn’t wow in professional terms, maybe that makes it a more suitable option for a quiet Monday evening?

Serena Williams

This Nike Rally Dress is being worn at Wimbledon this year by four times Wimbledon champion, American Serena Williams. While I usually think that Serena is a bit over the top with her fashion choices, I must say that this dress does look very lovely. I like the additional strap detail across the back of the dress as well as the coloured line around the neckline, in my favourite colour purple. Fitted under the bust and then flowing into a feminine skirt, I think this one actually might be my favourite.  It’s simple yet stylish with some really nice shapes. Club night, here we come! (maybe…)

So who wants to give me £60 to buy one of these bad boys? And more importantly – anyone else fancy making a fashion statement with me?