Wondered why there has lately been a bag of sweets littering the bench? Find out here…

By Katie Garner

Some of our favourite sweet treats for a Monday night!

For the past few weeks there has been an assortment of sweets finding its way onto the benches by the notice board and pegs during club nights. Different sweets every week have been making an appearance, with only the ripped, discarded and empty bag remaining by the end of the night.

You may be wondering why sweets have now become a bit of a feature to our club nights. Well, it started with our new member Matt L, who decided to gain membership for friend and left-handed server extraordinaire Al, by bribing the Club Captain with a handful of Jelly Tots. Shameful, but it worked (although I only eat the red ones – same for Skittles and Wine Gums in case anyone wanted to know).

After a battle over whether he needed to continue bringing sweets, or whether it was actually my turn, the next week saw a purple bag of chocolate covered raisins sprawl tastily across the bench. This was followed by a mini sweet bag session the week after, with teeth and lips puckering up to be eaten. The week after saw the classic Wine Gum make its entrance, followed by the return of the fantastic chocolate covered raisin (we know it’s chocolate, but it’s healthy chocolate surely).

So far, Matt L and myself have been alternating the sweet bringing, but I think it would be great if more members got in on the sugary action! One bag per night, so if you bring sweets one night, it’s not your turn the week after. Let’s mix it up and enjoy a treat between games! With two visitations, the chocolate raisins are a clear favourite, but what sweets would you enjoy as a perk me up over the evening?

Let us know your favourite sweets in the comment box below!