First stop…Reebok

By Katie Garner

My beaten-up current trainers that are due for retirement!

As many of you have probably noticed, I have recently taken to performing extremely elegant and completely accidental splits in the centre of the court – butt in the air, hands on the floor kind of splits. The problem…my run down trainers that I bought in a Christmas sale from the permanently inept Sports and Soccer a good few years ago. With my birthday fast approaching, I thought it would be wise to investigate new trainer options from my current greying Nike’s in the hope that a kind relative will buy me a pair, or I can put birthday donations to good use.

For no particular reason, I decided to check out the Reebok website first, and found myself completely bombarded by new trainer terms, such as RealFlex, ZigActivate, and EasyTone plus Vive. Needless to say, I resorted to just looking at which images I liked the best – always a failsafe female shopping technique. I noticed that they are definitely investing in the young, dedicated sportsperson market, with their dazzling array of jewel like colours on a dramatic black trainer, intriguing sole shapes, and catering for every sport and purpose; even if it’s just walking – they want you to look cool doing it.

Here are my top three picks that I found whilst browsing:

1)      The Katie-Budget trainer: ReeSculpt, £45.00

The ReeSculpt is your basic training trainer…if that makes sense! Claiming to be ideal for group classes, they feature DMX ride in the heel which is meant to make the trainer more cushioned, and they also have a non-marking rubber sole outlay – which is good for sports hall floors as we all know! I particularly like the black with the purple accents out of all the colour choices – namely because purple is my favourite colour and for some reason, recent Reebok trainers just look better in black. As a previous all white trainer buyer, this adventure into the dark side is rather enlightening! My only concern is that the sole grip still looks a little flat so I’m not 100% sure that it solves my splits problem.

2)      The What-You-Would-Expect-To-Pay-For-A-Nice-Pair trainer, SlimTone Edge, £65.00

This lightweight shoe has foam balance pods that aim to respond to your stride, and a high-abrasion rubber sole for high durability. This trainer, also a snazzy black and purple number, features SmoothFit technology, which streamlines the seams inside and outside the trainer to get a more comfortable fit with less rubbing and irritation. The multi-surface outsole will also provide traction. The grip on these bad boys definitely looks better than on the ReeSculpt ones, but they still look sleek and kick butt – obviously of prime importance.

3)      The These-Better-Last-Me-Years trainer: RunTone Ready II, £80.00

Now, these look the business! Actually looking decent in both the white/purple and black/pink colour options, the RunTone is really quite self-explanatory as it’s an innovative new running shoe! It has Moving Air Technology and the same built in balance pods as the SlimTone. The open weave mesh enables your feet to breath, the multi-surface outsole provides traction, and the forefoot flex grooves give flexibility. The low-cut design is also meant to aid mobility and TPU heelclip is there for extra rearfoot stability and support. The daddy of running trainers, the grip looks great and definitely what I would need to combat my recent acrobatics!

Let me know which ones are your favourite, and also where you like to get your badminton trainers. What do you look for in your trainers? Price point? Style? Comfort? Something to show off? Let’s discuss footwear people!