Instead of opting for the norm, why not pick a sporting resolution?

By Katie Garner

With the build-up lasting a good few months, Christmas has now absolutely flown by, in a short lived bubble of tinsel and Wham songs. January has arrived, and with it, the most famous month of the detox and new beginnings.

Let’s face it, we all attempt the notion of new years resolutions. New year, new me with a hit list of changes that will suddenly develop you into the well rounded and accomplished person that you aim to be. This year, I’ve decided to think small and achievable. My main new years resolutions are to finally go to the dentists, and to find myself a new job. Sticking to a duo of promises should make things simpler and I’m hoping to tick both of these off my list.

Although resolutions normally focus around our personal lives, they very rarely actually concentrate on our chosen sports, apart from the obvious “lose all of my Christmas weight and pronto”. What I believe would be a great idea, is if we came up with a top three sporting new years resolutions, of things that we want to improve in our games over the course of the year. Whether this means asking advice from others on how to deliver the ideal drop shot, playing against your nemesis and working out why your hate their perfectly prepared play or whether you just want to tidy up a particular shot or movement, now is the time to set some goals.

Everyone always thinks that a year is such a long time, but to honest, it always zooms past in a blur of barely changing seasons, and before you know it I’ll be back here saying, well your smash didn’t develop much… Seriously – think about areas you can improve in your game and then how you are going to achieve it. I promise it won’t take the fun out of the game, or our legendary banter, but we may as well learn something along the way.

I’m going to be brave and kick start the resolution machine with my top three sporting promises:

1)      Develop stronger play at the back of the court

2)      Enhance my ladies game by playing against more of the men with my ladies partner

3)      Give Frank more bruises than he gives me when playing on the same side

I would love to hear your sporting resolutions, so please leave a comment here or on the Facebook page. Good luck!