Whipping the opposition into shape is all in a day’s work for this dynamic duo…

By Katie Garner

One of our strongest pairs, Jess and Het, ready for battle!

A brand new pairing for the 2011/2012 season, Jess and Het have really kicked their Mixed Doubles career off to a speedy start with some fantastic results! Originally, Het was paired with Alex at the very start of the season, and after only a couple of games Alex had to bow out due to a continued wrist injury. Net player supremo Jess stepped in and the Mixed squad have never been the same since!

Firstly, both players have achieved awards in our 2012 Wychelm Christmas Awards, with Het scooping the ‘Roadrunner’ award, for his incredibly ability to be just about anywhere on court in literally three seconds flat, while Jess strolled off with the ‘Net Player’ award, for her dinky drops and neat net shots. With such a high calibre, it’s only natural that they kick serious butt!

I believe Jess and Het have had a really good starting season. Their blooming partnership has been evident from the start, with their teamwork constantly developing to new heights. Het at the back of the court is a pure force to be reckoned with, with one of the best smashes at the club and also very deceptive. Paired with Jess’s excellent net coverage, they stand a brilliant chance against any opponents. They also mix it up though, with Jess moving back at times so that they play sides during certain rallies and then rotating again if that is what is called for. A sign of sure and solid teamwork.  This was also proved at the recent Challenge Cup quarter final, where Jess and Het were the only mixed pair to garner a win against Hunters.

Het, an absolutely lovely bloke, has been brilliant in his commitment to the Wychelm Squad this year, also playing in the Mens Doubles, while Jess has also divided her time with the Ladies Pairs. Both also regularly get involved in the club’s social events, which is fantastic!

I have a good feeling that this season was merely a warm up, and that their fab results can excel further and continue to push our Mixed Squad higher. Also consistent with their wins, they are always a pleasure to cheer for, and it’s reassuring to know that they can always push a win out when it really counts.

Jess’s best shot: Cross court return of serve – a trademark move that always sees more success than failure.

Het’s best shot: His smash, undoubtedly. They are hard to return and help the duo win numerous points.