Check out how the men are holding up in their division

By Katie Garner

The king of all things sneaky and deceptive on court!

I just wanted to share the insightful, enthralling and hilarious report of the mens match this week that I received from our resident sneaky shotster, treasurer Mike Spencer:

“On a dark evening the 21st March, 6 brave warriors went to Emerson Park school, intent on preserving the honour of Wychelm badminton club, Emerson Eagles realized as soon as they set eyes on the Wychelm warriors that only one set of players would leave the hall with their heads held high, bloodied but not unbowed.

“Mike Fleming, brave gentleman, had agreed to partner Mike THE ROCK Spencer, not realizing that when playing with the stationery traffic island that is Spencer on a badminton court , many miles need to be run. Despite this, Mr Fleming managed to record 2 victories  (1) 21/14 – 17/21- 21/15  (2) 21/18 and 21/14.  We lost our 3rd game against their best paring, 21/20, 14/21 and 19/21, so once Mr Fleming had arranged for The Rock’s hospitalization , he was able to go home happy in good evenings work accomplished.

“Alan Koon and Stuart Easton also won two matches, (1) 21/13 and 21/12 (2) 21/19 and 21/14. They lost to the best pairing 9/21 and 18/21.

“Steve Holloway and Troy Gunton, also won two matches, (1) 21/16 17/21 and 21/18  (2) 21/16 and 21/16, They lost to the best pairing 15/21 and 15/21.

“The Wychelm warriors won 6-3.”

Anyone who represents Wychelm in the league matches, please feel free to send me your reports and analysis of the evening’s play and scores. It would be fantastic to get a real mix up! Plus – I don’t play in the mens so need help in this area particularly! (email or my personal email if you know it)

Thanks Mike for the awesome report!