Wychelm matches will be moved so that you get more games on club night

By Katie Garner

With recent membership numbers rocketing sky high, home match nights against other clubs can be a bit of a squeeze. Two courts are essential to matches now, as the new rules brought in this season mean you could end up playing nine games, as you play the best of three games to 21, instead of the old one longer game to 31, with no setting. This means that games could potentially go on for ages, especially if each game heads for a decider. Without the use of two courts, the matches simply wouldn’t get done, but with two of our five courts taken up, and the benches packed with new members, we do seem to have a slight problem.

The solution? Change the match nights to a Thursday night. The aptly named Thursday Club play at the same venue as us, and although they have four courts, they are a much smaller club and don’t need all of the space provided. It has been suggested by the committee that we negotiate with the Thursday club for use of two of their courts on a Thursday night so that we can play matches on a different night to club night, therefore aiming to reduce congestion and waiting times between games. Helen, treasurer of the Thursday club supports the idea so now it’s just about putting that plan into action for next season. We’ll keep you posted on these changes as they develop.

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