The season is contemplating getting under way as the fixture lists are released

By Katie Garner

With the start of September comes many things – the beginning of the school term for youngsters, the first chills of autumn and lugging out your coats from the back of the wardrobe, but most importantly, September heralds the arrival of a new badminton season, with matches due to kick off on the week of the 15th.

Armed with Paula’s delicious fruity and white chocolate homemade shortbread biscuits, as well as Ross’s Sainsbury’s bought moreish chocolate snacks, the league committee got down to the important business of agreeing that yes, the season has started, and yes, we would like another biscuit, ta very much.

Always the quietest meeting of the year, the September get together is more a limbering up process of what is to come. The fixture lists have been decided upon and released to the teams taking part – now with all dates on the league website as well for even easier access (and no excuses of those who are tempted to say “the dog ate my fixtures”).  Ross has even updated the swanky calendar tool to make flicking through the schedule even simpler so if you are on our squads, check it out for additional info.

We also tackled some more social matters, deciding once again what 70th anniversary events to carry over. We continued the league knockout tournament past the anniversary celebrations, with the event being just as successful this year as it was in the last. Tentatively agreeing to host the event again next May, around a similar date of the 12th was settled, although entry prices may have to be reviewed as the court hire prices have gone up to £8 each from £6.50.

Another social matter was the question of the dinner and dance. Held at Top Meadow for the league’s 70th anniversary, the stylish shindig was great fun and the notion that the bi-annual event should return this year was discussed. Pencilled in for the end of June preliminarily and most likely not as lavish as the celebratory first event, some form of dinner and disco will be planned. It was suggested that Kellie would once again take the reins of organising, although myself and Paula both offered backup support.

Our next meeting isn’t until November, so there is plenty of time to get stuck in to the matches before we next get together. This means the next meeting will be full of league results so far and guess work about potential winners and placements. If anyone has any questions or issues they would like me to raise on behalf of Wychelm at the league meetings, then please do let me know. Remember, I am our representative so I’m there for you guys. The only pointer I would like to pass on is that it is essential that ladies matches get started promptly. The new structure is more time consuming so it is vital to start the games as early as possible to ensure they are all done and dusted on time.