The season is stumbling slowly to a close…and we couldn’t be happier!

By Katie Garner

League Tables – 15 April 2012

If you have been reading all of the match analysis pieces, and previous score update posts, then you’ll have a pretty fair idea of how our season has been shaping up so far.  And for the Mixed Team, it seems to be shaping into a golden, trophy like form! The latest results date from the 15th April, so quite startlingly near the end of the season, and when we had finished all of our Mixed games. This meant that all we had to do, was wait it out, and see how the other teams in our division battled between themselves. The excitement is building though, as at this unbelievably late stage in the season, the Wychelm Mixed Team is still strongly in FIRST PLACE, with still an impressive point lead. Thanks to everyone who has been keeping all extremities crossed for success and also thanks to our incredible mixed team who have really shown the other clubs who rule the roost (even Redbridge, oh yeah!) – Jess and Het, Helen and Mike and of course, Super Smasher Stuart B, as well as our talented reserves, who are always ready to save the day (namely, Stuart E!).

Please take the time to check out the results via the link above – it’s always interesting to see how we’ve done. This year we have featured in Division 2 for the mixed and Division 4 for the mens.

You can also investigate the Mens scores, which are on the other tab of the attached document, where our team came second to last. I think this is mainly because of inconsistency and I think this is definitely something to be improved for next year. I mean, we have so many excellent male players at the club, and this just needs to be transferred to our mens team. This is already in motion, with the fabulous Al and sweet loving Matt L joining the squad (welcome fellas!) so at least it’s a step in the right direction.

The consistency in the mixed team on the other hand has been so steady and solid, that it clearly shows in the brilliant results we have enjoyed and worked for. After slogging it out near the bottom of the league tables for the past few years, it’s nice finally to recognise, that yes, we have improved as a team, yes we are playing better together and yes, all of our hard work, grit, determination and far too much sweat has actually paid off. I really couldn’t be prouder of the mixed team this year!

What I also love is the genuine team spirit and camaraderie that we have at Wychelm.  Whenever we have a home match, whether it is ladies, mens or mixed, some members will always wonder down to the match end and check out the score sheet sneakily, nick a Kit Kat I bought for the away team to nibble on and generally come and be nosy. It stems from friendship, support and natural curiosity, and it’s so nice to know that we have the backing of our team, especially when things aren’t going to plan.