The results are in for the Ladies Pairs season – we apologise now!

By Katie Garner


Above: The results for the Ladies Pairs this season

Ok, let’s face it – we all knew these scores weren’t going to be pretty. And on the face of it, they aren’t, with your Ladies A pair (me and Jess) and B pair (Helen and Liane) coming in last in both our respective leagues. But if I dwell on the season Jess and I have had, while up and down, I firmly believe that had the season been longer, we could have turned things around.

The start of the Ladies Pairs season for Jess and I was actually a real corker. We kicked things off with a fantastic home match where we won most of our games, giving us a real boost in confidence. Looking back, I think they may have been the only complete wins we had. The middle of our season – I won’t lie – was totally shocking. I believe we got very frustrated with ourselves and each other, as we knew we had the skills and the shots to build points, but for some reason, we couldn’t get them to translate on court, and we ended up losing games that we thought we could have won when we started out.

However, as the season has started drawing to a close, I think our games have picked up remarkably. Suddenly, it’s like the shuttle has dropped and everything has begun working in sync again, with our scores back up in the 18 to 20 mark, really pushing and working our opponents for their eventual victories. It’s just a shame that this inspired leap into excelled teamwork and stronger back of court play has only began to materialise as the matches are few and far between. With things coming together so nicely, we may have been able to work our way to a win if we only had the time!

Corinthians A won Division 1 and a well-deserved win it is too.  I believe our highest score against this duo was about 17 and we were super impressed whenever we managed past 10! They had a fantastic season so well done to them. We actually had the same points average as both Hunters A and Corinthians B (0.90) which makes us feel more on par, and at least we weren’t too far behind them points wise.

I think one of the main problems for the ladies of Wychelm is practice. The male to female ratio is highly unbalanced, so ladies games are often sparse, and also not with your partner. What would be really helpful is if you blokes would let us ladies pairs play against you instead of the typical mixed doubles routine all the time. It would mix things up and give us the much needed practice. We’re only getting our games to grips now, but we still have to try and hold on to it all summer, so we’re ready to roll come September so boys, bring the battle! And you’ll get it right back 😉