Our fabulous Ladies B Pair have been rocking Division 2 this season

By Katie Garner

Our lovely ladies Helen and Liane!

Gathering the small minority that are the females of Wychelm BC, a decision has to made every September of whether we actually have enough women who want to compete in the league matches, and whether these women can commit to play all the matches. Considering there are fewer females at the club, we can always put out two pairs, and this year saw the arrival of a brand new Ladies Pair duo.

Helen and Liane joined forces for the first time this September to compete as our B pair, against the likes of Hunters B, Emerson Eagles B and Corinthians C. Our blonde bombshells both have contrasting styles of playing which makes them incredibly compatible when on court together. The wonderfully loud and direct Helen is a strong smasher, with excellent cross court shots, plenty of speed on the drives and serves and a general awesomeness that is a pleasure to partner. On the other hand, the lovely and endearing Liane may seem to be the quiet one, but she lets her shots do the talking, with unstoppable net action. Her net shots tumble delicately over the net, and she never, ever gives up on a shot, so getting that winner in early is not an option against our dedicated Liane. Her drop shots kiss the lines gently but probably the best thing about playing with Liane is her magnificent sense of fun. You can tell she loves to play and it absolutely radiates from her, although, both Helen and Liane are no pushovers – they love to win as much as the next players!

Both women are always raring to go and it has been brilliant to get in more ladies games this season. I really hope these two will continue in the Ladies Pairs next season as they are doing so well together and between them, have such a diverse range of winning shots and skills.

Helen’s best shot: Cross court drop shot – I’ll plump for that one every time. It stumps me.

Liane’s best shot: Her dinky cross court net shot – always wishing my arm was physically that little bit longer.