Give any racket a grand spruce up with a splash of colour

By Katie Garner

Give your racket a brand spanking new look!

Everyone knows that your personal belongings, clothes and hairstyle can all make a statement about you and can literally shout from the rafters, bursting with personality. Why not transmit this to your beloved badders racket, for a funky yet practical new choice of grip?

Our pocket smasher rocket Stuart E has a fine line in Karakal Pu Super Grips, in a rainbow array of colours, so not only can they offer that splash of a personal touch but they also give a brilliant hold on your racket. After sprucing up my badminton racket with a yellow variety, I had to get my falling-to-pieces squash racket seen to – now it has a new lease of life with a fabulous orange grip, while Jess was inspired to opt for a feminine pink option.

I find these grips so comfortable, not too squidgy to the touch yet soft to hold. Only £2 from the Stu Man, who also applies them for you, taking all the hassle out of giving your racket the mod cons.

Find Stuart on club night for your new grip!