Sensitive skin brigade, Katie Scott divulges a secret skincare weapon you are going to want ASAP

Having grown up with sensitive skin, I treat new skincare products like accused criminals – the searing spot light to the packaging, the tentative prods and pokes and an inquisitive scowl pestering my facial poise. Friend and fellow badminton comrade Nicola Holgate however presented me the answer to my spare time skincare detective work thanks to Forever Aloe, an American brand that has created a range of natural products using aloe vera as the base. With the ancient Egyptians labelling the cactus style foliage as ‘the plant of immortality’, I definitely felt like I was on to a winner here.

Part of the Liliaceae family, aloe vera leaves secrete a clear gel that forms the basis for most products that utilise its healing and soothing properties. As well as being the leading treatment for sunburn, the list of conditions aloe vera can assist with is quite staggering really, combating flaky/dry skin, hair/scalp problems, acne, stretch marks, treating wounds and burns, cysts, diabetes, psoriasis and skin ulcers to name but a few. As well as being rather helpful externally, aloe vera is also good for gut, being said to help digestion. Hence the new wave of aloe vera drinks that are now hitting the sports market.

Nicole kindly let me sample some of the range for myself – here’s what I found…

Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo:

This pH balanced shampoo comes as a thick, clear gel that produces a satisfying globule in your hand. Using 100% stabilised aloe vera gel combined with jojoba bean oil, this shampoo is said to not only combat dandruff and itchy scalps, but it also aids with moisturising the hair for added strength. With a clean and fresh feel, this oozy consistency gel made my hair squeaky clean in an instant. Handily, it has a very fresh, natural and neutral scent, making it an ideal product for a couple to share.

Aloe-Jojoba Conditioning Rinse:

The partner in crime to the matching shampoo, this conditioner felt soft and smooth to smother into my hair, feeling absolutely divine to use. With a subtle aloe vera scent, this product is enriched with vitamin B and hydrolysed protein, helping hair to become soft, shiny and manageable. Although it was very thick in consistency, the white conditioner was also super silky.

Forever Aloe Scrub:

Suitable for use on both the face and the body, this scrub has a thick, gel like consistency, being a vibrant and solid pale blue in colour. Gently wafting the smell of aloe vera, this is an incredibly fine scrub, boarding on a fancy shower gel – it gives skin more of a playful tickle rather than a grating, for example, as a child when your dad washed your hair instead of your mum. Girls, you know what I mean! This gentle product would be ideal for those like myself with sensitive skin and it is so subtle that you could even use it every day without a negative impact. Applying to wet skin, the scrub contains 100% stabilised aloe vera gel paired with microspheres of jojoba. Designed to lubricate and condition your skin, it also protects from dryness and damage that may be the result of more synthetic cleansers. This one is my second favourite from the collection.

Sonya Aloe Nourishing Serum:                  TOP PICK!

My favourite from the stash of aloe vera wonders is this amazing white tea based serum. Designed to replenish and preserve your skin’s moisture (handy for anti-ageing), a little goes a long way with this translucent and pearly serum, so you’ll get good value for money here. It felt very luxurious to use, with a very silky and opulent texture and a mild, natural and pleasant scent that was in no way over bearing. When I first used it, I applied far too much and felt my skin tingle in protest. Using just a mere two pumps however, I can still coat my face lusciously without getting the sensitive skin prickles.

Aloe Lotion:

This moisturiser is pretty unique in my book – not only can it be used to moisturise the skin, but it is completely multifunctional, also able to act as a toner, conditioner, emollient and skin pH balancer for both the face and body. Using post shower all over my body, I found this lotion had the most rapid skin absorption I have ever witnessed. Made with 100% stabilised aloe vera gel, collagen and elastin, the consistency of this lotion is similar to that of a thin, silky serum, yet once you rub it into the skin, it seems to gain thickness to provide a luxurious all over coating. Easy to rub in and with no stickiness, it left my skin feeling soft, supple and smooth, a little once again going a long way – always a plus point when it comes to pricier skincare. The scent is also very mild with a hint of aloe vera, so you don’t need to worry about it clashing with any perfumes you may wish to wear during the day.

Aloe Moisturising Lotion:

Similar to the normal lotion above, this white cream has a slightly thicker consistency from the get go, also taking a bit longer to rub in (although the speed of this is still on the whole much quicker than your average moisturising sess). Unscented so ideal for the man in your life, this product is designed to moisturise as well as maintain natural skin pH balance, combating the drying effects of both the wind and sun too meaning you can use it safely on your face and body. Interesting, you could also opt to use this one as a base layer under your make up. Silky to the touch, this one left me feeling super soft.

My conclusion?

Using these products as a collection for my usual shower and getting ready routine left me feeling completely pampered as if I had emerged from a day of spa treatments, yet all I had really done was wash my hair, cleanse and moisturise my face and moisturise my body. The gentle nature of the products meant that everything was very soft and extremely useable, and I really liked that you didn’t have to lather lashings of the stuff on – if you are going to spend money on decent skincare, you want it to last longer than a week that’s for sure. I adored the consistency and texture of the range, everything being very simple to apply, silky and gorgeous to rub in. I really could find no faults and I would very happily adopt all of them into my bathroom. I’ve never felt softer in my life!

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