As the first round of matches approach, the league committee meet to discuss the all-important scoring

By Katie Garner

The Challenge Cup will be kicking off in the final week of January, so with the fixtures being drawn up between the clubs, it was time for the league committee to get down to business and set the influential handicaps for this popular knockout tournament.

Taking into account current league positions, last year’s results and the players in each squad, the committee were able to whittle each club down to a fair handicap to use in their matches to create an equal playing field. Here are the final handicaps:

  • Redbridge 1 =                    +2
  • Emerson Eagles 1 =         +9
  • Emerson Eagles 2 =         +12
  • Epping =                               0
  • Hunters =                            +4
  • Harold Hill =                        0
  • Ramgarhia =                       -3
  • Wychelm =                         +10

With a two point increase on our handicap since last year’s +8, I think this is a fair evaluation of our current squad status. With five newbies in our Challenge Cup squad and a drop in the mixed division to consider, those extra points should come in handy. Our first game will be against Redbridge and has been scheduled for Friday 31st January. Helen is unable to play that evening so our reserve Janet will be stepping into the fold.

Wish us luck!