My pick of the funniest and most fabulous moments this season…

By Katie Garner

Steve...I will never, ever, forget this picture, taken at our last Christmas do. Ever!

This season has been littered by so many matches, shots, games and points that sometimes it’s hard to take in all that has happened during league season from September to April. I just wanted to share some of my highlights, and I want you guys to share yours too. Please comment at the end as I would love to hear all of your most brilliant moments from the season…

1)      We all love our fun-loving loudmouth!

I’ll never forget playing an away mixed game in Redbridge, in their brand new and incredibly swish, Olympic standard 12 court sports hall. The only game left was being played by the very bubbly Helen and her partner, the inspirational Mike F. The rest of us all sat lined on the benches, glum after losing to some rather arrogant and unsporting players. The bloke on Redbridge did an excellent shot, which sat plum and pretty on the furthest line. Helen lunged, ran, stretched and still the shuttle was just out of her well -manicured grasp. She promptly yelled “t*£@&# !”, which then echoed around the massive hall, in an extremely clear and distinct manner. We all promptly fell of the benches with laughter, our mood instantly regenerated with that single swear word. Thank you Helen, for probably the best moment of the entire season, hands down!

2)      I will defeat you, if it the last thing I do!

Another starring moment featuring the brilliant Helen. We were playing a ladies match in the Challenge Cup versus the annoyingly aggressive yet similar style Hunters. Both of us had come tantalisingly close to victory during the night, but it had so far eluded us, and it was our last game that we would be playing in. We won the first game and as the second started heading towards the late teens, we shared this look that I can only describe as worryingly intense, ambitious, desperate and angry all in one united blink of our eyes. That moment seemed to do something to us and I have never felt such passion or exhalation at winning a game. It was pure magic, so thanks Helen!

3)      All I want for Christmaaaaasssss, isssss…boooooze!

Ok, I’ll hold my hands up – I had too much rose at our Christmas do this year. However, it was one of the best nights out I have ever had and I have all of your guys to thank for that. The evening was brilliant, with about 20 people turning up, and everyone rotating around the table, so all members were mingling. The Santa hats and guess who table games added to the laughs, and I even started a new tradition, with the Wychelm Badminton Club Christmas Awards (you know you all want one!). It was such a fun and enjoyable evening and I always look forward to our Christmas get -togethers.

4)      You know the tune by now…WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE, I SAID WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE!

I know the league season is still in its dying concluding stages, but let’s face it – the mixed absolutely rocked this year. I have never felt such confidence and skill in our squad before, and basically, the proof is in the pudding! We worked hard, we played hard and we kicked serious butt, leaving us pretty much as top of the Division 2 in the mixed this year. After coming second to last for numerous years on the trot, this success really makes me proud of what we have achieved. Well done team, and bring on next year! They better be ready for us!

5)      You can take your swish t-shirts and shove them up your…

I absolutely love the guys at Emerson Eagles. They are all so friendly, sporting and genuinely nice people, good for a chat and a bit of on-court banter. Downside – they are damn good and play the same style, tactics and skill that we do. Blast them! Because we are all of the same level, games with their first team means that we are constantly on edge, running like Roadrunner, but feeling like Coyote. We had an away game with them this year, which was the closest it has ever been. Stuart B and I won two out of three matches and I was ecstatic with the results, as we really slaved for it. It felt like a proper victory because it was so damn difficult, so we had well and truly earned it and deserved it. Go us!

6)      We all love a bit of Blue…

One of the funniest moments of the season has most definitely been Stuart E singing the score line to Blue’s song One Love. You can probably work out how this goes. “One love!”… “Two love!”… “One Two!”… Absolutely brilliant and coming to a court near you!

Please remember to share all of your moments and highlights! I’d love to hear them all, and these are just a selection that scratch the surface of the fun we have had this year! Please join in!