If you want moves like Grease Lightening, then check out the Nanoray…

By Katie Garner


If your favourite shot is a low and fast drive across the tape of the net towards your opponent’s eyes, then this racket may be for you. Coming in at a reasonable £29.99 from Amazon (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Yonex-Nanoray-20-Badminton-Racket/dp/B005UZI6LU) this lightweight racket aims to give quick shuttle repulsion and an overall faster shot.

The 85g – 89.9g racket uses Fullerene in the lower sides of the frame to help deliver high elasticity and stiffness that helps create a sharp shot repulsion. The unique head construction uses Yonex’s Aero-Frame structure, where the frame sides vary thickness between the top and the bottom of the racket. The top is thinner, which minimises air resistance to increase speed, while the thicker bottom is used to generate maximum repulsion through the frame’s stiffness.

X-Fullerene is also used to strengthen the bindings in the shaft of the racket to increase stiffness by 6% and repulsion power by 4%. Although this sample racket from Amazon is the perfect price for newbie beginner players, you can get more advanced version which could have you reaching for numerous £50 notes.

Anyone own a Yonex Nanoray? Any players out there want to shout about their favourite Yonex racket? Or any brand of racket? Get in touch via wychelmbc@gmail.com or leave a comment below, about what reviews and products you would like to see.