Yes you read correctly – your very own league has gone all upmarket and online

By Katie Garner

Many the times players from across the clubs have bemoaned the fact that a communal match resource was not available to them, that pesky paperwork still reigned supreme despite often being lost and then found again as a sodden and crumpled globe that was holding your racket head afloat in your bag. Despite my love of physical stationery, I too could see the sense in having a space where all the clubs across the district could easily locate league information in one place.

Hey presto and a fairy godmother called Ross later, and for the first time, our local league has it’s very own brand spanking new website, complete with impressive logo to boot. Granted, it’s simplistically stark with a distint minimalist feel, but it’s not there for flavour or personality – it’s there to serve an informative purpose.

Simple yet does the job

Simple yet does the job

Although the ‘League Rules’ section is still being developed, I get the impression that this will be a very useful reference point for all league members, as well as being the main port of call for any disputes when out and about, for example, how long to wait for the opposition before you start claiming games. If paperwork all seems a little old school, then you will now be able to find all of the results tables and fixture calendars online, neatly divided by divisions by the handy drop down box, making the site in general easy to navigate. The ‘Contact’ section includes email address for all of the league officiers, which is especially useful during match season, and should now also make the league committee more acccessible, instead of just being an unknown table of volunteers.

The site has clearly been designed so that users of all abilities will be able to find exactly what they want, when they want it, and you can’t fault it’s clear and easy useability. It has all of the information that any league members would need, including a ‘News’ section, that currently houses the results from this May’s cross club knockout tournament for the league’s 70th anniversary celebrations. No matter how much it fulfills it’s brief however, I can’t help but find it bland and a tad boring to look at and read. Once more information is uploaded I can see this being a fantastic resource for the league though and hopefully once it has more to it, the playful banter and colourful cries from the court can be transferred to our latest league toy.