The season is drawing to a close, and although there are still some matches to tie up, here are the results up until 18th March…

By Katie Garner

League Tables – 18 March 2012 – mixed

(Mens results on first spreadsheet, Mixed on the second, check the tabs on the bottom of the spreadsheet to switch between the two)


The Wychelm Mixed Doubles Squad for this year has been highly impressive on all counts, if I do say so myself. Over the past few seasons, we have slowly been getting better and better, with partnerships cementing and tactics developing, until finally, the 2011/2012 season begins, and we are in kick ass shape, with our best team yet.

Representing you in the Mixed this year has been new duo Jess and Het, who have really stamped their place on the squad with some excellent wins (check out our Team bio for more details). Also new for this season, have been the amazing Helen and Mike F, combining their dangerously deceptive drop shots and cross court action to lead them to victory. Last, but not least, there is also me and Stuart B, who have actually now been playing mixed doubles together in the league matches for about six years now (gosh, even I had to re-count that!).

Even from the start of the season, it’s felt good. You know that feeling you get of the penny dropping, the light bulb flickering on, that wonderful dawning realisation…this year, we could do it. This year, we have the potential to win.

This time, we have been battling it out in Division 2 (there are only two mixed divisions) against Redbridge 2, Emerson Eagles 1 and Emerson Eagles 2. We’ve really held our own in matches this year, confidence keeping us moving faster and smashing with more determination than frustration! Now these results aren’t end of season (they include matches up until 18th March, but not past that date), but I’m already rubbing my hands together in glee for that final score card – because we’re smashing it!

We are currently placed first, with a massive lead of 10 points. Emerson Eagles 1 are second, with Redbridge 2 in third and they both have 4 points. Emerson Eagles 2 trail in last place and they have nil point, as they say in Eurovision. Whatever way you want to look at the results, there is still that bold number 1 at the end of our row, and boy do we deserve it.

I just want to say a massive well done to the mixed team for really slogging it out. The commitment has been fantastic, I think with only reserve Stuart E stepping in for fellow Stuart when he was terribly busy cruising the Caribbean or some such sunny destination! We’ve stuck together, stuck it out and really gone for it and all that hard work has paid off so thank you all so much for a truly fantastic and memorable season! Hopefully, when the end of season results come out, we’ll still retain our lead and actually win something, which would be a first for us!

Well done Mixed Team!


Our Mens Doubles team this year have been working away in Division 4 (there are four divisions for the mens), against Barking 2, Corinthians, and Emerson Eagles 2, 3 and 4. Their current placing, up until the 18th March, is 5th out of 6places, with Barking 2 taking top spot and Emerson Eagles 4 trailing behind.  I’m afraid I don’t know as much about the mens team, as it’s the only one I don’t play in! Well done to our completely random mix of men that seem to make up our squad, and also thanks to our more regular players, Het, Steve and Troy. It would be brilliant if we could build the same level of commitment in the mens team that we have in both the mixed and the ladies, and this is definitely something that we will work on for next season.

I’ll let you know as soon as we get the final end of season results!