If your racket grip has seen better days, then call in Stuart E

By Katie Garner

Check out these gloriously coloured grips! Of course you want one!

It’s always pretty obvious when you need a new grip for your racket – the threadbare, patchy holes and peeling ends are quite a giveaway. Instead of looking around for grips, all you need to do is look for resident joker and ball of fun Stuart E, who sells the Karakal PU Super Grips for a mere £2…and he even puts it on your racket too! They naturally retail at a higher price so you are getting mates rates, and with a rainbow selection of colours, you can finally have a grip that reflects what you like instead of boring basic black.

Stuart sold me one ages ago now – I chose a sunshiny yellow and it’s still in really good condition, although slightly grubby because I also wear a glove (long story but feel free to ask if you want).  I find the grip really comfortable, not over bulky (especially because I also have an extra layer of glove) and actually, the best one I have ever had.  I would thoroughly recommend them, so go see Stuart for your grips! Then we can all have funky colours and it would be really cool on club nights!