How one goal can spark a trip down footballing memory lane…

By Guest Writer Dan Scott

Eight years, four months and 29 days – that’s how long it’s been since Arsenal have won a trophy. People ask why I have to mention the days and months. My response? Would you like to know the exact time?  Seven hours, seventeen minutes and 48 seconds to be precise. The point I’m making is that for any avid Arsenal fan, we have felt every single second of our seemingly ever increasing barren spell.

Being an Arsenal fan is a mixture of epic highs but some pretty dramatic lows. From going 49 games unbeaten to get humiliated 8-2 by a superior Man United side. Watching Robin Van Persie grow into the world class striker he is today but having to suffer seeing him leave when we needed him most. Winning games against Real Madrid, Barcelona and A.C Milan but being embarrassed in the Carling Cup final by a weaker Birmingham side.

Touring the Arsenal grounds

Touring the Arsenal grounds

For all this time, Arsenal fans have lived off previous glory. Clinging on to past with the hope one day we will be back. Eight years ago my favourite phrase was “we play the best football”. Eight years later it has turned to “we used to play the best football”.  I have only seen watered down versions of Arsenal’s classic play in the past few years. That is until I watched Arsenal vs Norwich. Now don’t get me confused with an overhyped Arsenal fan who at the first sign of seeing them top of the league is convinced they are back. I in no way think we are anywhere near our full potential but what I saw on Saturday did reignite an old fire within that maybe, just maybe, that day is closer than I thought.

Cazorla, Wilshere,  Cazorla,  Giroud,  Wilshere, Giroud,  Wilshere…Goal

The one-touch, quick pass and move football that Arsenal used to be famous for made a dramatic reappearance during this game that left the Norwich defence stunned. Amazing first touches by all of the players involved made the goal almost look too easy, and like something you would see via your Xbox controlled Fifa and not on Match of the Day. Throughout the game, Arsenal played with the swagger and confidence of old. For the first time since the invincibles, Arsenal actually has a team that look happy together, play for each other and have confidence to play how Arsene Wenger has always wanted us to play – the right way.