A penchant for popcorn was soon discovered at our very first cinema outing

By Katie Garner

September’s club social saw us turn in for something a bit quieter, reflecting this decidedly autumnal and rather rainy weather. Saturday 14th September saw a quartet of Wychelm women hit Vue Cinema, situated in The Brewery, Romford, to nab themselves a seat at the 2.00pm viewing of new release About Time .

l-r: Katie and Kay before the viewing

l-r: Katie and Kay before the viewing

Snuggled in the back rows and crunching contentedly on popcorn, nuts and boiled sweets were nail art natural Kay, newly qualified school teacher Helen and cat loving Heather as well as myself. About Time , released on 4th September, is a British romantic comedy with a quirky science fiction twist – our hero can travel back in time. Written and directed by Richard Curtis, of Love Actually fame, this sentimental story should be avoided by all adrenaline junkies as it endearingly focuses on Tim and his small circle of family and friends, centred firmly in the everyday and the regularity of normality. Although I would normally tar this style of film as boring, you can’t help but fall for the characters who are so realistic, although my favourite character by far has to be Harry, Tim’s father played by Bill Nighy. With a fantastic array of witty one liners the film is peppered with humour that had us all chuckling under our breath.

Action packed it may not be, but I was still constantly intrigued to see what would happen next and how the story would develop and unwind among these incredibly real people. I’m glad that we went to see it, and it was nice to gather the troops and do something a bit different together, even if I have now discovered that so many members don’t actually like films!

Our October social is a quiz night, being held on Saturday 19th October. Please speak to me or sign up on the notice board if you wish to be put on a team. We need as many brains as possible! Remember, all social events are posted on the Facebook group so make sure to check them out there.